The speed and efficiency at which your internet connectivity works can have a huge impact on your day to day business.

The relationship between internet connectivity and business is now more important than ever, so it’s vital to ensure that your business has quality, fast broadband, so you know that you’re getting the most out of your day.

Whether you’re a start-up business, small or medium enterprise, or a large corporation, internet speed and reliability can make a massive difference to the way daily tasks are carried out.  A quality internet connection allows employees to work more effectively, send and receive information more quickly and increase productivity and time management.

Taking full advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be done with a speedy connection, allowing businesses to grow their following and communicate with customers old and new.

More and more businesses are now starting to take advantage of cloud storage, which is only really possible with a quick and reliable connection.

With high speed broadband; files can be uploaded and downloaded to cloud based storage solutions with ease. Slow internet speeds can cause file transfers to become interrupted and time out, leaving an employee to start all over again.

Cloud storage can also save businesses money – they no longer need to allocate a large proportion of their budgets to ICT hardware and software, instead storing files off-site and taking advantage of reliable, hosted applications software.

Sending and receiving files is not a problem with a quick connection, so you won’t be waiting hours for file transfers such as invoice runs or software updates, which can take minutes rather than hours.

Communicating with colleagues and customers is revolutionised with a speedy and dependable internet service, expanding the way employees communicate inside and outside of the office, making it easier and quicker for tasks to be completed and information to be shared.

With a quality connection, businesses can be connected to customers and employees not only throughout the country, but the world.

More businesses are now starting to communicate through VOIP programs (Voice over Internet Protocol) allowing them to hold meetings and web conferences through video calls.

Communicating through basic online programs like Skype to speak to customers and colleagues, rather than traditional phone calls can also save you money on telephone bills.

If your business requires a lot of travel for conferences and meetings, these could be held over video conferencing facilities like Apple’s Face Time, in turn saving money and time due to less travelling, leading to greater production and profitability.

If you offer any type of online customer service, your company will never suffer from slow responses due to speed issues.

Whether your day is made up of uploading tender submissions, liaising with clients or working with large files, a faster and more reliable internet connection can really make a difference.

Idaq Networks’ ultra-fast wireless connectivity can provide all of this and more to businesses throughout Sheffield and Rotherham; meaning less stress, more work and a successful business.

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