Idaq Networks has entered into a 10 year deal with Sheffield City Council to provide free Wi-Fi internet access in the outdoor areas of Sheffield City Centre and a number of public buildings. The service is to be rolled out during 2018 and will be available to City Centre residents, businesses and visitors. Idaq Networks intends to create the best public access Wi-Fi service in the country with blanket coverage within the City ring road. The network will be available throughout the City Centre with speeds up to 20Mb/sec.

Users will be able to access the service by selecting “Sheffield Free Wi-Fi” on their devices and completing a simple one time registration form.

Idaq Networks will build the network infrastructure using radios mounted on Council owned street furniture such as lighting columns as well as council owned buildings. The infrastructure will also allow the delivery of cutting edge Ultrafast broadband products to residents and businesses within the City ring road that currently do not have access to high speed internet services.

Access to the network will be available free of charge to help a number of innovative digital projects get off the ground. Idaq Networks has already agreed to help with projects led by the Sheffield Universities and Sheffield Digital and are keen to hear about new projects and ideas from other individuals and local businesses.

Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Key Facts

  • When rollout is complete the coverage area will be the streets within the City's ring road.
  • Users will be able to achieve speeds of up to 20Mb/sec.
  • Registration for the service will be simple and free.
  • The network will be rolled out at no cost to the Council.
  • The services carried over the network will generate a revenue for the Council.
  • Parts of the network will be used to help innovative digital projects get off the ground especially Smart Cities and IOT development.

As the project develops Idaq Networks will be recruiting additional staff and updates will be posted on the Idaq Networks website as these positions become available.

Enquiries about the service should be directed by email to

About Idaq Networks

Idaq Networks has been providing high speed broadband services to businesses in Sheffield and Rotherham since 2013. The services are delivered using Wireless technology called Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), conventional underground copper and fibre cables are not required. As Idaq Networks services do not depend on conventional cable infrastructure it is possible to deliver ultrafast broadband services to areas that are otherwise limited to slow and outdated broadband technology.

Idaq Networks services are currently used by many local businesses and multi tenanted buildings. Product speeds range from 10Mb/sec up to 5Gb/sec.

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