2018 will see Idaq Networks expand its Fixed Wireless Access network throughout Sheffield City Centre. Once complete the expansion will give us the ability to bring high-speed internet access to every address within the City Centre. Our products will range from low cost broadband packages through to high-capacity dedicated circuits with speeds in excess of 1Gb/sec.

Some coverage is already available to business customers and many multi-tenanted buildings in the City Centre.  Our new City Centre products will be available to residential and business customers from May 2018.

Some of the products that will be delivered on the new network include:

  • Residential & Business high-speed broadband
  • Business fixed wireless access circuits up to 1Gb/sec
  • Multi-tenanted building internet access in excess of 1Gb/sec
  • Commercial Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Multi-tenanted building Wi-Fi access
  • Network access for CCTV
  • High-speed point to point IP circuits
  • VOIP Telephony

If you are a resident or business in the City Centre and would like to be notified when we have service near you please get in touch by using our website contact form or email sales@idaqnetworks.com.

We would also like to hear from IT and telecommunications companies who would like to join our partner program.

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