A little over a week ago we switched on the Sheffield City Centre Free Wi-Fi service. We have been quiet because we wanted to watch how well it was working and what people thought of it as well as sorting out the odd bug.

Now we know how well it is working and what people think. We have received nothing but positive feedback and the number of users is now into the thousands, in just a week. Thank you.

Over the coming months we will be bringing more areas online. When complete we will be covering at least 293 streets and many public venues. All users will receive a 20Mb/sec service and watch this space for news of speed upgrades.

We would like to thank Sheffield City Council for the opportunity and especially one or two individuals at the Council for all their hard work. We would also like to thank the Sheffield BID, if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be a Wi-Fi project. There are many other companies and individuals that we need to thank and we will in future posts.

Here are details of the service in case you haven’t already read about it.

Each user will receive 20Mb/sec of free internet access.

You can roam through the coverage areas and remain constantly connected.

There are no download limits

Your personal data will not be sold

The service is family friendly

The service is very secure

Areas currently covered:

The Moor


Peace Gardens


St. Pauls Square

Surrey Street

Norfolk Street

Norfolk Row

Tudor Square

Pinstone Street

Leopold Street

Chapel Walk

The next phases of the network rollout are currently being prepared. When complete the coverage will include all areas within the Sheffield inner ring road.

Current indoor coverage

Sheffield Winter Garden

Indoor coverage due to go live in the next few months

Sheffield Town Hall

Sheffield City Hall

Ponds Forge Leisure Centre

Sheffield Arena

Moor Market

Howden House

A number of businesses with public and visitor areas such as coffee shops are installing the Sheffield Free Wi-FI service for their customers to use. If you are able to use the service in your favourite Coffee shop or other hangout please let us know so that we can publicise it.

Also, you will soon be able to replace your home or business broadband with a version of the Wi-Fi service. It is a unique service that brings the network into your home or business. You will be able to seamlessly roam from your home into the city without ever being offline and still access your home devices.

We are very excited about the project and we hope that you are too.

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