Staying safe on Sheffield Free Wi-Fi

There are dangers being online whether you are using your home broadband, your mobile broadband or Sheffield Free Wi-Fi. We thought we would share some tips to help you stay safe while using our service.

Always make sure your device has the most up to date software.

Make sure you only connect to the SSID 'Sheffield-Free-WiFi'.

When you connect there should be no browser warnings. (Make sure you are using up to date software and that the date and time are correct on your device).

Make sure you follow any instructions we provide while you are logging in.

Protect your username and password and make sure your password is not easy for someone to guess. Definitely no words that can be found in the dictionary, names, telephone numbers, birthdays or other easy to guess passwords.

Most sites that require you to enter information will have https at the beginning of the address in your browser. Make sure you see the browser padlock on all websites when entering any personal information. If your web browser displays a warning when you visit a website do not click ok, leave the site even if you think the site can be trusted. Get in touch with the site owners and ask them about it. This can be a tell tale sign that someone is intercepting your data or that the site is fake.

Sheffield Free Wi-Fi uses many techniques to combat online dangers. We cannot discuss most of them publicly for obvious reasons but something that separates us from most other public Wi-Fi services is that we assign a private network to each user while they are online.

These private networks are called vlans. Normally when using any form of shared Wi-Fi service everyone that is using the service is in the same vlan and can see everyone else's devices. The ability to see other users devices causes obvious security issues, other users can see any shared folders you may have, they can use software to try and break into your device, they can even intercept your data. With the Sheffield-Free-WiFi service this is not the case. Your connection on our network is separated into its own vlan which isolates your account and your data from everyone else. It is the same technology that is used by broadband companies to separate their traffic. If you have more than one of your own devices using your account they will be in the same vlan so they will still be able to share data.

If you are ever in doubt about using Sheffield-Free-WiFi please just ask us.

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